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BdC2015 3 – Egungun Sailor Mas

Studio Lafoncette Photography


Pictured above is Courtney Browne from the band Belmont Exotic Stylish Sailors (B.E.S.S.) out of Jerningham Avenue. Adults in traditional costumes competed Wednesday night at Victoria Square. Mr. Browne is portraying Egungun, Celebrating Our Ancestors. This year B.E.S.S. is portraying Celebration. One ancestor that is likely dear to the heart of B.E.S.S. masqueraders is their own Reynold Cooper, a gentleman who played fancy sailor mas for over 50 years and whom I featured on this blog last year. Mr. Cooper was a darling filled with interesting stories and really a treasure to know. I do miss him and I am glad I had the opportunity to meet him.

It is really exciting to know that the Egungun tradition is being perpetuated in Trinidad carnival in the adult and child portrayals.

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