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So I’ve been doing some research on armour for a show I’m doing- a Shakespeare, so set in Renaissance France and Italy, and although we’ve agreed the costumes will be of a Elizabethan travelling troupe, I always feel like I should look at the clothing of country where the show is set for reference- so I’ve been researching European armour.

The Met in NY has an amazing site, packed with infomation on it’s artifacts, which is where I came across the name of armour maker in Italy, where the most beautiful and creative decorated armour was made and so I thought I’d share.

This armour was all made by Filippo Negroli, and his family.


Note the circles are all eyeballs.

Filippo Negroli 1532tumblr_mje9xysn5v1qb4aqwo1_500

Filippo and Francesco Negroli Helmet (Burgonet) of Emperor Charles V, 1545 Patrimonio Nacional, Real Armería, Madrid


Circa 1532–35
Made by Filippo Negroli
Milan, Italy


Negroli, Filippo…

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