What is a Carnival Studies Degree?



Carnival in the Caribbean has grown to become more than just a festival (if it was ever “just a festival”). It has become a real and tangible layer of Caribbean society that contributes to industry, art, history and identity. The Cuban poet and scholar Antonio Benitez-Rojo in 1992 said of the Caribbean Carnivals that “Of all possible sociocultural practices, the carnival…is the one that best expresses the strategies that the people of the Caribbean have for speaking at once of themselves and their relation to the world, with history, with tradition, with nature, with God. If we provisionally accept this premise…to the carnival, we are in a position to learn more about the intricacies and complexities of the Caribbean as a sociocultural system”.

On the other end of the spectrum but still supporting the relevance of the Caribbean Carnivals to the region Dr. Jo-anne Tull documented in 2005 that “carnivals…

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