Repeating Islands

Minshall, Dalton & T Hall

Over 200 people came out to pay tribute to masman, Peter Minshall on Wednesday 23 January, at the Medulla Art Gallery in Woodbrook,when the trinidad+tobago film festival (ttff) launched its third annual Carnival Film Series. Sponsored by the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company Limited, the series showcases Carnival-themed films at venues across the country.

The tribute to Minshall took the form of screenings of two films about his work: Rat Race and Masman: The Complete Work, both directed by Dalton Narine. Both Minshall and Narine were present and answered questions from the audience at the end of the screening.

Minshall & Ashraf

The Carnival Film Series comes to an end on Tuesday 5 February at Trevor’s Edge, St. John’s Rd, St. Augustine, with a screening of Jab: The Blue Devils of Paramin, directed by Alex de Verteuil, and a series of short films by Yao Ramesar, on traditional mas characters and the fire dance.

The ttff is held…

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